Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Halloween Witch Broomstick fondant tutorial

This Halloween Witch Broomstick is made from the Chocolate Flute I found in my cupboard, Originally I was going to just use melt chocolate, but they are really fragile and looks... too plain and flat, so I thought this would be a good idea!

You will need :
  • Brown and pink colour fondant CMC treated;
  • two sizes rectangle cutters;
  • leaf model tool;
  • fondant wheel cutter;
  • Chocolate Flute or biscuit sticks
  • edible glue
  • corn flour to dust

1. Cut your chocolate flute the size you want for your broomstick, I divide into 3 pieces with each flute
2. use the bigger rectangle cutter to cut the roll-out brown fondant, the fondant should be around 3mm
3. divide the rectangle shaped fondant evenly and roll-out with your rolling pin as thin as possible. Don't worry about the shape too much, you can trim off the excess later on
4.dust plenty of corn flour on each thin piece, then use the wheel cutter to run along the edge to get the strips, around 1cm long for the strips but no need to be accurate at all, since you really want the broom looks realistic
5. At the point, you can trim off the excess fondant at the non-strip side
6. Brush on some edible glue on the non-strip side, stick one end of the chocolate flute on, then slowly roll up
7. use the leaf model tool to press down along the edge so they stick together
8.use the smaller rectangle to cut out the pink fondant, then divide into two
9.cover around the edge to give a clean finish
10.leave to dry on the sponge pad to hold the shape


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