Friday, 12 October 2012

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Halloween Witch Broomstick fondant tutorial

This Halloween Witch Broomstick is made from the Chocolate Flute I found in my cupboard, Originally I was going to just use melt chocolate, but they are really fragile and looks... too plain and flat, so I thought this would be a good idea!

You will need :
  • Brown and pink colour fondant CMC treated;
  • two sizes rectangle cutters;
  • leaf model tool;
  • fondant wheel cutter;
  • Chocolate Flute or biscuit sticks
  • edible glue
  • corn flour to dust

1. Cut your chocolate flute the size you want for your broomstick, I divide into 3 pieces with each flute
2. use the bigger rectangle cutter to cut the roll-out brown fondant, the fondant should be around 3mm
3. divide the rectangle shaped fondant evenly and roll-out with your rolling pin as thin as possible. Don't worry about the shape too much, you can trim off the excess later on
4.dust plenty of corn flour on each thin piece, then use the wheel cutter to run along the edge to get the strips, around 1cm long for the strips but no need to be accurate at all, since you really want the broom looks realistic
5. At the point, you can trim off the excess fondant at the non-strip side
6. Brush on some edible glue on the non-strip side, stick one end of the chocolate flute on, then slowly roll up
7. use the leaf model tool to press down along the edge so they stick together
8.use the smaller rectangle to cut out the pink fondant, then divide into two
9.cover around the edge to give a clean finish
10.leave to dry on the sponge pad to hold the shape


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tutorial of Halloween Cupcake Fondant - Rolo Pumpkin

Let's get ready for this Halloween!

I really had great fun creating this Halloween theme fondant for my cupcakes. I knew I want the pumpkin face and the whole witch staff, but I don't really fancy the whole set to be completely fondant   throughout, after all, it is suppose to be a treat for the kids, so I had a look in my cupboard and found a pack of rolos and box of orange chocolate flute, and that is where I got inspired...

How to make the Rolo Pumpkin face:

You will need:
  • Orange, leaf green, light brown and dark brown fondant with CMC treated;
  • rolling pin
  • Rolos 
  • leaf tool 
  • tooth-stick
  • sharp tip scissors
Let's get started:

1.take a ball of orange fondant, slightly bigger than the rolo;
2.roll out the fondant with rolling pin, try to thin the edge as much as you can;

3. fold the edge as you go around, and then press down with the leaf tool to close up

4. Use the leaf tool run along the side to show the curve 

5. Now move on to the stem. Roll out tiny cone shape with light brown fondant;
6. Cut a cross shape with the sharp scissors at the wide end;
7. Flat open the cross a bit with your finger

8. Use the green fondant to roll out a thin piece same size with the tooth-stick
9.Twist it round the tooth-stick to hold the shape, here is your leaf
10. Stick the leaf and stem on top of the pumpkin with edible glue
11. Glue on the scary face if you want , it looks pretty cute just as the pumpkin itself!


Friday, 5 October 2012

fondant daisy flower

I love daisy, they are such simple and elegant flowers. Either you choose to arrange your cake with assorted size of daisies or, top your cupcake with a giant one, they just look so cute!

Right, let's make this very simple daisy flower

 you will need:

  •  pale blue and light yellow colour fondant with CMC treated
  • large daisy fondant cutter
  • rolling pin
  • sieve
  • corn flour 
  • cupcake baking tray
  • small brush
  • edible highlight dust 
  • CMC powder (mix tiny bit with 1 tsp water to make edible glue) 
  • Flower leaf shape tool (sorry I forgot it in the pic, will be shown in the following pics)
  • round shape cutter similiar size with the flower stamen 
  • Foam for shaping the flower petal

Dust some corn flour on the work surface to avoid sticking;
Roll your pale blue fondant to around 3mm thick;
Cut out the daisy flower with the flower cutter, press down gently to achieve the vein imprints;

Carefully pick it up without tort the shape, and place it on a foam, use flower leaf shaping tool, gently press down along each petal to get a natural curl up

Dust your cupcake baking tray with corn flour before placing your flowers in it to dry out. 

Now move on to the stamen
Roll out the yellow fondant to around 7mm thick;
Use a round cutter which is the similar size with the stamen, I use a nozzle tip here, don't worry too much with the cut-out shape at this point, as it will lose some of the thickness later

Press the round dough shape against sieve. You can use the rolling pin to help you pushing down, the thick here is, you don't want to press too hard, so that you squeeze away too much fondant, ends up losing the height of the stamen. However, you need to firm enough to get the imprints from the sieve to achieve a mimic feel of the real daisy stamen.

Cut the shape again with the round cutter 

Dust it with edible highlight powder

Stick it onto the flower with edible glue made from CMC powder

Leave it dry overnight


Simply beautiful fondant butterflies

These fondant butterflies are so easy to make yet beautiful. They are gorgeous on cakes, cupcakes or even on top of a cake pop!

Just follow some simple steps...

You will need:

  • CMC treated fondant (in various colours if you prefer)
  • Rolling pin
  • butterfly shape fondant cutter
  • different shapes of piping tips (here I use wilton no.4 round tip and no.103 petal tip)
  • foil folded in zigzag shape to hold the butterfly wings when drying out
  • corn flour to dust the surface ( I forgot to add in the pic)

Roll your fondant out, around 3mm thickness
Dust some Corn flour underneath if it is too sticky

Cut out your butterflies with the cutter, do press down evenly to get the vein imprints

Use wilton no. 4 tip to carve some round shapes along the wing

then use no. 103 for some tear drop shape. 

To this point, you can use any shapes you want to create this hollow lace style

Dust some corn flour on the foil holder before you rest your butterfly on.

Position it well, so the wings are holding upwards

If you want to make it fancier, use a tooth stick to frill the side of the wing, rolling it along the wing

Be very gentle, it easily gets torn up

Here you get these colourful butterflies ready to deco your cakes!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

My first Vintage cupcake creation!

I've got an email from the girls from Ladybug jewellery & handbags asking if I could donate some cakes for the coming Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning, so I thought why not make something really special for the raffle prize. 

And here we go, my first vintage style cupcakes have born! 

And people loved it! Isn't that the best feeling, create something that makes other people happy!