Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tutorial of Halloween Cupcake Fondant - Rolo Pumpkin

Let's get ready for this Halloween!

I really had great fun creating this Halloween theme fondant for my cupcakes. I knew I want the pumpkin face and the whole witch staff, but I don't really fancy the whole set to be completely fondant   throughout, after all, it is suppose to be a treat for the kids, so I had a look in my cupboard and found a pack of rolos and box of orange chocolate flute, and that is where I got inspired...

How to make the Rolo Pumpkin face:

You will need:
  • Orange, leaf green, light brown and dark brown fondant with CMC treated;
  • rolling pin
  • Rolos 
  • leaf tool 
  • tooth-stick
  • sharp tip scissors
Let's get started:

1.take a ball of orange fondant, slightly bigger than the rolo;
2.roll out the fondant with rolling pin, try to thin the edge as much as you can;

3. fold the edge as you go around, and then press down with the leaf tool to close up

4. Use the leaf tool run along the side to show the curve 

5. Now move on to the stem. Roll out tiny cone shape with light brown fondant;
6. Cut a cross shape with the sharp scissors at the wide end;
7. Flat open the cross a bit with your finger

8. Use the green fondant to roll out a thin piece same size with the tooth-stick
9.Twist it round the tooth-stick to hold the shape, here is your leaf
10. Stick the leaf and stem on top of the pumpkin with edible glue
11. Glue on the scary face if you want , it looks pretty cute just as the pumpkin itself!


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