Friday, 5 October 2012

Simply beautiful fondant butterflies

These fondant butterflies are so easy to make yet beautiful. They are gorgeous on cakes, cupcakes or even on top of a cake pop!

Just follow some simple steps...

You will need:

  • CMC treated fondant (in various colours if you prefer)
  • Rolling pin
  • butterfly shape fondant cutter
  • different shapes of piping tips (here I use wilton no.4 round tip and no.103 petal tip)
  • foil folded in zigzag shape to hold the butterfly wings when drying out
  • corn flour to dust the surface ( I forgot to add in the pic)

Roll your fondant out, around 3mm thickness
Dust some Corn flour underneath if it is too sticky

Cut out your butterflies with the cutter, do press down evenly to get the vein imprints

Use wilton no. 4 tip to carve some round shapes along the wing

then use no. 103 for some tear drop shape. 

To this point, you can use any shapes you want to create this hollow lace style

Dust some corn flour on the foil holder before you rest your butterfly on.

Position it well, so the wings are holding upwards

If you want to make it fancier, use a tooth stick to frill the side of the wing, rolling it along the wing

Be very gentle, it easily gets torn up

Here you get these colourful butterflies ready to deco your cakes!

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